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Cyber security threats are a growing concern for Canadian companies of all sizes, and within all industries. No business is safe from hackers and bad actors that have malicious intent to gain profit at your expense, which is why you need IT security professionals on your team.

Lapses in IT security increase the risk of major cyber security issues, like data breaches and ransomware attacks, which can have potentially catastrophic consequences for businesses, including long-term reputational damage and potentially huge remediation costs.

Improve Your Cyber Security Posture

Commerx has partnered up with the Canadian cyber security leaders to stay on top of the cyber security threat landscape and help our clients strengthen their cyber security posture.

Due to the evolving nature of cyber security threats, and the abundance of IT security tools currently available, the internal IT teams of many businesses are simply overwhelmed by these challenges, which can lead to lapses in IT security and increased vulnerability to cyber threats.

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Firewall Management

Modern enterprise networks can include a combination of IT security controls, ranging from traditional firewalls to next-generation firewalls to cloud-based technologies. Efficiently managing these systems can be a major operational challenge for many companies, as this web of overlapping technologies becomes entangled and challenged by cyber security threats.

Our firewall management services will help your organization identify and troubleshoot connectivity issues while helping improve its overall IT security. By efficiently managing firewall rules, configurations, logs and alerts, our team will optimize your firewall’s effectiveness.

Endpoint Protection

As enterprise networks integrate a broader range of client equipment, like laptops, tablets, cell phones, and, in particular, Internet-of-things devices, they open new paths for potential IT security threats.

Our endpoint protection cybersecurity services offer everything your business needs to mitigate its risk of security issues and improve the efficiency of its device management, including:

  • Next generation antivirus software

  • Threat detection & investigation

  • Visibility and device management

  • Data leak protection (DLP) against evolving threats

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

When company operations are compromised by a cybersecurity issue, it is often because internal IT teams simply do not have the time, resources, and expertise to implement security solutions that are in line with the industry’s best practices. According to Gartner, “By 2025, 50% of organizations will be using MDR services for threat monitoring, detection and response functions that ofer threat containment capabilities.” Commerx has partnered with Arctic Wolf a leader in the industry of MDR providers.

Arctic Wolf MDR Delivered by an IndustryLeading SOC-as-a-Service

A security operations center (SOC) is the most essential element of modern security. But SOCs are expensive, complicated, and far beyond the reach of most small to midsize enterprises. Many take the easy route and invest in products, though investment in new security products is no guarantee of security.

Arctic Wolf™ Managed Detection and Response differs from traditional managed security services. It is a dynamic combination of a world-class Concierge SecurityTM Team (CST), advanced machine learning, and comprehensive, up-to-the-minute threat intelligence. Your CST Team is your single point of contact for your Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response service. Your CST serves as your trusted security advisor and an extension of your internal team and conducts daily triage and forensics.

Arctic Wolf MDR Capabilities

  • 24x7x365 Eyes on Glass Concierge Security Services Team

  • Security Monitoring, Alerting and Investigation

  • Network Inspection

  • Log Analysis and Research

  • Threat Intelligence

  • Managed Containment

  • Incident Remediation

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Customer Portal

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

For any business with a large number of employees, network integrity can be threatened by weak passwords and unmanaged devices. Our integrated Unifed Access Security service creates trust in users, devices and the applications they access through multi-factor authentication.
By implementing MFA throughout your organization, you will be able to plug security leaks and improve overall operational efficiency by protecting against weak employee passwords and preventing the use of unmanaged devices while remaining compliant with industry and government standards for data protection. Also, MFA improves the security of remote access to your company’s network, which reduces the security risks associated with remote work.

Security Assessments

Network Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a group of essential proactive IT security services that are key to identifying vulnerabilities in your network, applications or entire organization.

Our network penetration testing services will look for vulnerabilities in your network perimeter before examining internal vulnerabilities to provide a holistic view of your company’s current network security position.

Following the penetration tests, we will provide comprehensive reporting and recommendations so you can easily identify ways to improve your overall network security.

Web and Internal Vulnerability Assessments

In order to implement the best cyber security solutions, your organization needs to know which areas are most vulnerable to attack. Our web and internal vulnerability assessments provide the thorough analysis and hard data your team needs to improve its overall cyber security.

Our intrusion and threat detection efforts include:

  • Infrastructure scan of devices connected to your network

  • Website security scan

  • Firewall configuration analysis

  • Review of your antivirus standards, patching process and wireless network configurations

Social Engineering Assessments

Through social engineering testing, including mock email phishing and telephone impersonation, your organization will be able to identify shortfalls in employee security training and help improve your IT security culture.

Your IT Security Services Partner

As an industry leader in Canadian IT services for over 30 years, Commerx is always ahead of the IT security industry’s best practices. Our IT security solutions range from cyber security consulting to identify potential weaknesses in your IT environment to complete cybersecurity management.

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