Endpoint security solutions are the frontline of modern cybersecurity. As corporate enterprise networks integrate a broader range of equipment, they create new potential avenues of exploitation for malicious actors.

This equipment is ubiquitous, and includes:

  • Servers

  • Cloud-based systems

  • Printers

  • Laptops

  • Tablets

  • Cell phones

  • Internet-of-Things (IoT)


The proliferation of connected endpoints creates complex problems for networks of all scales, from the enterprise level down to smaller businesses, which is why organizations must adopt proactive network security solutions. To protect the data, systems and virtual environments within an enterprise network, endpoint protection is essential to detecting security threats earlier in the cyber kill chain.

Especially now that remote work has become commonplace, network security must evolve to provide comprehensive endpoint protection from advanced, persistent threats, including malicious software and evolving zero-day threats.

Commerx: Mitigating Business Risks

In order to help reduce or eliminate cybersecurity threats and improve the efficiency of your organization’s device management capabilities, you need our endpoint security solutions, which include the following:

  • Advanced Endpoint Detection, Investigation and Response

  • Next-Generation Endpoint Antivirus Software

  • Visibility and Device Management

  • Data Loss Prevention


How Does Endpoint Protection Work?

Any device connected to a network, either on premises or remotely, is an endpoint, and the number of endpoints connected to enterprise networks can easily run into the thousands.

Because they serve as the entry points for increasingly sophisticated malicious actors, advanced solutions for endpoint protection are required.

Endpoint security protects both corporate data and corporate networks by reducing the security risks associated with each device that is connected to the company network.

Endpoint Detection, Investigation and Response

Endpoint threat detection and response (EDR) is a collection of endpoint protection measures that seeks to limit threats. through a holistic approach to endpoint security. 

By combining real-time monitoring and data collection with automated response capabilities through a central console, EDR provides both endpoint protection and insight into how threat patterns develop and evolve. This helps system administrators refine threat detection, response and remediation measures. 

These endpoint security capabilities allow for the detection of more advanced threats, such as polymorphic attacks, fileless malware, and zero-day attacks through the use of forensic analysis tools.

Next-Generation Endpoint Antivirus Software

Traditional endpoint antivirus security solutions use databases of virus signatures and definitions for signature-based detection methods to find malware and viruses. But this approach to malware detection has a major shortcoming; it can only recognize known threats. 

This endpoint security software from Commerx recommends endpoint security software that prevents, detects, eliminates malware on connected endpoints, whether mobile devices or stationary assets, both inside and outside the firewall. 

Through the use of next-generation endpoint antivirus software, your organization will gain the ability to run periodic and regular scans with confidence because automatic updates ensure that you will be protected from the latest, identified threats.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Many companies currently use an ad hoc patchwork approach to DLP due to a lack of internal IT expertise without realizing how much of a threat this can be to overall data security. 

Functional DLP requires the implementation of a holistic, centralized program across an entire organization. Beginning with an inventory and assessment of sensitive data types and their value, good data management policies rely on a clear classification system with a risk assessment for each type of data. Once these security categories are established, proper data handling and loss prevention policies can be established. 

To administer the policies, DLP enforcement requires monitoring endpoints and outgoing channels so that data protection protocols can be initiated in the event of a potential security breach.

Visibility and Device Management

Achieving complete device control and visibility is crucial to endpoint security because uncontrolled devices are a security breach waiting to happen. In order to establish endpoint security, system administrators must have up-to-date and accurate endpoint information.

Through rigorous device management and visibility policies, your organization can avoid security blind spots and institute policy-based actions to make sure that you have oversight of every user and device on your network, as well as their applications.

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The Value of an Endpoint Protection Platform

In order to understand the importance of endpoint protection, companies must acknowledge four important dynamics in the modern business environment.

  • First, that data as an asset is increasing in value more than ever before. Going forward, companies will continue to innovate and find new, increasingly profitable ways to leverage their data.

  • Second, the quantity and types of endpoints on enterprise networks are also at unprecedented levels, which makes endpoint security an increasingly technical challenge.

  • Third, the myriad of online threats is in constant evolution, and the increasing value of data is driving growth in the quantity, scale and effectiveness of cyberattacks because they have become more lucrative.

  • Finally, network endpoints are the route through which cyberattacks and data leaks occur, so securing them is absolutely essential to operational security. Endpoint protection is a must-have for business networks.Your Content Goes Here

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