Azure, AWS, and Google all have different usage models, and offer diverse services. Each have unique means to build your environment, and many options to choose from; including provisioning model, as well as robust security offerings.  Allow us to help you decide which will work best for your organization.

Two main reasons why businesses today build in the cloud

  • To solve a specific business problem
  • To upgrade or enhance their current environment

What business problem are you trying to solve?

Cloud providers have many technology advantages that can reinvent and enhance your business, as well as fuel massive improvements in the delivery of your services.

It is important to note that the primary driving benefit of adopting a cloud model should not simply be a case of cost savings, instead it is should be focused achieving specific business results, like increased agility and dynamic scalability, which can greatly improve speed to market. Put MORE at your finger tips.

What you need to know to upgrade and enhance your current infrastructure as you migrate to the cloud?

It is important to fully evaluate and understand your current workflows and systems to better understand what resources and architecture will be needed in the cloud. Not all workloads are created equal, and in some cases multi-cloud may be the best option. Looking at specific issues like re-architecting your security model, not relying on a legacy security castle-and-moat design; instead, look to employ multiple layers of security based per use, authentication and access rights between services, systems and storage, including audit trails. By getting into the minutiae right from the beginning, you will be set up for success, making the right decisions as your infrastructure is migrated to the cloud.

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Partner with the right team and the right Cloud provider together for a solid cloud foundation:

The cloud is not low touch and shouldn’t be considered a self-service model, especially in a mission critical environment. To effectively leverage the benefits the cloud affords, it is important to be strategic, and not to cut corners, when making the move. Take advantage of the transition as the ideal opportunity to enhance your existing approach to compliance, data integrity, back-up, and business continuity, to reallocate IT resources efficiently, enhance visibility and automate. The cloud is optimized for many services and the right one, configured the right way, can save you money!

Right from the start, it is going to be essential to have a strong technology partner like Commerx that understands the inherent strengths (and weaknesses) of the varying cloud-based platforms who can work effectively with your business and IT team to understand your applications and systems to architect your seamless cloud migration solution. And perhaps most importantly, not all applications and systems are meant to be in the cloud. Choose a partner you can trust to help you make the right decisions for your business.

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The Cloud is not an island. It is not a place where you put all your IT services.
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