Joanna Strong

Joanna Muzzatti.


Having begun her working career at Commerx back in 1988, Joanna has held a wide array of positions with the company before she was appointed as President & CEO in 2014.

After taking time off to rest and recharge in 2018, Joanna returned to Commerx in January, 2021 to reprise her role as CEO. With renewed enthusiasm, she hopes to contribute to its growth while continuing to foster a culture where diversity and inclusion are at the forefront. Joanna understands that by delivering a stable and secure environment for Commerx customers to grow, aligned with the goal of achieving total customer satisfaction, that it will ultimately result in growth for the company. She also believes that becoming the partner of choice for customers, as well as maintaining their history of lengthy customer retention, is a direct result of living and reflecting the company’s vision, mission, and core values in the day-to-day operations.

Joanna hopes to bring more valued customers on board so they too can feel the strength and support of the dedicated Commerx team behind them.

Joanna is a CDN Women of the IT Channel honoree and a proud member and contributor of the WIT Network. She is one of the few female CEOs in the IT industry and she proudly carries the flag for women in the technology sector of Canada.

Outside of work, knowing the great importance of mental health and the impact of ignoring it, Joanna is regimented in a variety of self-care activities. Whether it is her newfound passion for fitness, spending time outdoors year round, or carving out time with family and friends, Joanna always prioritizes both her mental and physical wellbeing. She also aims to ensure all those around her are positively impacted by her choices, knowing that sometimes people need a little extra encouragement to look out for themselves. Especially right now.

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