AI for the Data Center and HPE’s InfoSight Capabilities
October 24th at Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Chris Christianopoulos

HPE Canada
Senior Hybrid IT Strategist

Chris is one of HPE key strategists. A 20+ year HPE technologist veteran, Chris can speak on how AI for the data center is a topic that he finds many customers are engaging in and HPE’s InfoSight capabilities are differentiators that offer true benefits to the customer

Every second, HPE InfoSIght is collecting data from millions of sensors from our systems across the globe. HPE InfoSight continuously learns as it analyses this data, making every system smarter and more reliable.

This session will help you to:

  • Eliminate the pain of managing infrastructure guaranteeing application availability
  • InfoSight’s Customer Impact – predictive support automation, proactive management & continuous improvement, your IT support is no longer reacting to issues, giving your team time to focus on the business
  • InfoSight goes beyond hardware to the VM level
  • An AI driven infrastructure solution to remove the burden of managing your complex hybrid cloud environments

Commerx is pleased to have Kent Pollard, Senior Technical Architect, Computer and Network Services, present his business use case of InfoSight. As a client guest speaker he will add much value from the perspective of deploying and utilizing InfoSight.