Joanna Strong

Joanna Strong


As the CEO of Commerx, Joanna’s mission is to help continuously transform and evolve the organization to stay ahead of the curve and to remain a trusted partner for customers. Joanna believes that becoming a partner of choice for customers as well as customer retention is a direct result of living and reflecting the Company’s vision, mission and core values in the day to day operations.

Joanna cultivates a mutual understanding with the leading technology vendors and distributors to provide the best experience for Commerx and for our customers. Her key focus will always be her team, investing in them to constantly advance their capabilities to be the most qualified partner to help customers succeed in their respective businesses.

Making Commerx an extraordinary place to work is Joanna’s passion. Diversity and inclusion are values promoted at Commerx and ensuring everyone works together not only makes a strong team that brings unique perspectives to the work, but a culture where everyone is looking out for each other. Where everyone genuinely wants one another to succeed. Happy, loyal and supported employees are key to the success of our customers.

Joanna is a CDN Women of the IT Channel honoree. One of the few female CEOs in the IT industry who proudly carries the flag for the women in the technology sector of Canada.

Outside of work, Joanna loves to cook, enjoys painting with acrylics, spending time outdoors with her husband and 2 dogs (especially up north in cottage country), time with family and friends, and contributing to the community!

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