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About Sienna Senior Living

Sienna Senior Living offers a range of senior living and care options across Ontario and British Columbia. Their services include long term care facilities, retirement communities, complex care and more.  As of the end of 2017, it has 41 long-term care facilities and 27 retirement residences. At Sienna Senior Living, their mission is to help residents live fully, every day. The aim is to consistently create a positive resident experience, along with a high-performing team and workplace culture that are driven by shared values and a commitment to innovation and excellence. Being leaders in the sector, they leverage technology and best practices to constantly set new benchmarks for quality.

Headquarters: Markham
Number of employees: 10,001+
Founded: 1972
Publicly traded: TSE

As demand for connectivity expands across long-term and retirement homes; professionals need to become aware of the infrastructure changes required to prepare for future technologies and the rising number of IoT devices.

Wireless network solutions, using network access control, threat detection and asset tracking is designed to improve employee productivity, safety and senior residents’ outcomes and living experience.

With the assumption that they will need to connect even more devices in the future, and an expectation from the residents, guests, care workers and physician groups that they can use the latest devices, needed to empower staff and improve resident satisfaction.



Design, deployment and the management of an enterprise Wi-Fi and switching infrastructure. Sienna uses the Wi-Fi to enable better resident internet experience while also enabling medical staff to operate more efficiently and track medical assets. Enablement of medical applications required in mobile environment.

Improved user experience, efficiencies in delivering medical service to residents. Preventive measures to avoid data breach: Visibility, Security and Policies.


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