Case Study

Design and Deployment

of Fail-Proof SAN Solution


About Industrial Alliance Securities

Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. offers brokerage services throughout Canada and the United States. The company provides financial products including bank acceptances, guaranteed investment certificates, mutual funds, stocks, treasury bills, fixed-income securities, and options.

Headquarters: Quebec City
Number of employees: 5,000+ plus
Founded: 2002
Publicly traded: TSX: IAGS&P/TSX Composite Component

Provide data center redundancy and failover to maximize business continuity, avoid business interruption, and facilitate technology maintenance and upgrades. Strengthen the reliability of IAS systems and make it less prone to outages.



Commerx extensive service experience in the areas of virtualization, storage, and business continuity, was key to IAS choosing Commerx as their solution provider to unifying IAS’s two IT data center locations. The Commerx team proposed a virtualization solution using VMware software running on HPE servers and a new HPE Lefthand networking solution.

The Deploy HP Lefthand SAN storage solutions in each data center using VMware virtualization software and supporting 40 virtual machines, divided between production, operations, testing and development allowed these services to run seamlessly between the IT locations.

Greater reliability and availability, as proven by successfully riding out a regional power failure without interrupting operations. With the new system in place, IAS’s IT operations are much more reliable and resistant to disruption. Because the storage area network resides virtually in two locations simultaneously, it can ride through an outage in one data center with no interruptions to users and applications.

The project was performed at the right time to help facilitate IAS’s growth.


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