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Commerx's Technology Strengths

Our Technology Strengths 

Commerx Managed Services Bursts Into the Cloud

In 1953, IBM pioneered the birth of data storage. In the 60 years since inception, the complexity of design, the explosion of data and burden of managing that data continue to plague customers. We continue to struggle to obtain the most cost effective, asset acquisition, simplified backup and recovery policies and management of ongoing support costs while trying to maximize ROI and stay within budget.

At Commerx we have a demonstrated track record of proven success with our Managed Services Cloud Storage that relieves you from over paying and over architecting storage solutions while reducing your ongoing labour, support, and licensing costs.

For as little as 7 cents/GB and $7.00/VM within 7 days we can migrate >37GB of data, securely and remain in Canada.

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Commerx’s Strengths Can Help Drive Business Growth and Cut IT Costs

Commerx’s defining technological forte is our three-pronged IT strategy – Virtualize, Consolidate, Optimize – this is the guiding principle that drives our industry recognized IT solutions.

Virtualization Specialists for Optimizing Your IT

We virtualize environments to foster properties vital to business growth – scalability and flexibility – using resource-rich, multiplatform infrastructures. As well, we deploy virtual machines to dynamically rationalize utilization of heterogeneous IT resources. Commerx has also pioneered new methods for virtualizing datacenter equipment such as servers, storage and networks.

Commerx specializes in virtualization – a gateway to cost-cutting and improved efficiency – to enable an environment for consolidation. Consolidation boosts the efficiency of servers and storage devices, prevents their under-utilization and shrinks their energy footprint.

Consolidation also drive optimization, and an optimized environment creates 15%-60% more business value and cost savings for an organization. Optimization is multi-faceted and includes IT processes, organizational structure, performance tuning automation, staffing and training. Ultimately, optimization transforms IT staff from mere troubleshooters into bottom line contributors.

Our Technology Solutions Are:

  • AGILE – we virtualize infrastructures for enterprise clients and service providers of all sizes
  • END-TO-END – We deploy comprehensive P2V solutions that span the full spectrum of hardware, software and networks.
  • INNOVATIVE – we develop novel applications for virtualizing datacenter assets, including servers, storage systems, networks and even staffing.
Learn more about our technology or contact us today to discuss your how we can optimize your IT systems.