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Managed IT Services

Get the Strategic Edge IT and Business with Fully Outsourced and Managed Services that Let You Stay Focused on Your Business

Outsourcing IT service management heightens technological and economic competitiveness as well as digital security for your business. It sets you free to focus on your core strengths by leveraging ours.

Managed services is a cost-effective alternative to hiring new IT staff, and through this comprehensive outsourced IT solution, we can transform your IT system from a headache into a strategic business asset. These services are ideal for:

  • Growing firms,
  • IT departments struggling to control budgets and costs, or
  • Organizations requiring 24/7 infrastructure coverage that cannot be supported in-house.

Our Managed Services leverage the industry-leading Labtech platform, which interfaces with heterogeneous infrastructures running any operating system. Our investment in this platform and its unique combination of features – all ideal for remote service management – provides us with our successful track record of monitoring for virtualized systems and quantifiable service levels.

We also automate repetitive IT tasks so your IT staff can focus on supporting business operations instead of fixing technical problems. Outsource your IT service management to Commerx to maximize your infrastructure’s business value and limit IT costs.

Transform Your IT Infrastructure into a Strategic Business Asset

Commerx manages five infrastructure layers – networking, security, servers and storage, applications, and desktops and mobile services – or we can bundle any combination of these five. This layered approach lets you scale Managed Services to changing requirements in the following infrastructure layers:


Our Networking Services monitor your entire network – including routers, hubs and switches – as well as internet and WAN connectivity uptime and performance tracking.


Our Security Services monitor all firewall, intrusion detection/prevention devices, anti-spam/anti-virus/malware devices and other security agents safeguarding technology platforms from external attacks. Today’s threat-intensive environments demand end-to-end protection. We provide clients with a direct, global view of threats to their infrastructure by building the visibility needed to avoid these catastrophes.

Servers and Storage

This service monitors servers, hardware components and operating systems, as well as directly attached SAN/NAS storage devices. There is an ever-increasing complexity to configuring and operating servers. Heterogeneous environments of UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems, in tandem with virtualization platforms, intensify system complexity and density. Tracking their utilization and resourcing has never been more critical.


Application Services monitor the uptime and performance of most server-based software to ensure that applications are running normally. We build on server monitoring services to perform extended platform and application monitoring and management services for databases, web services, middleware and other application solutions. We can also trace our customer environments to pinpoint failures in application elements early and resolve them before they impact productivity.

Desktop and Mobile

These services monitor all your desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices, delivering reports that span asset tracking, fault detection and network datacenter to your user community by providing the comprehensive monitoring or managed desktop service.

Contact Commerx to find out how outsourced managed services can give your business a competitive edge.