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Fast, Reliable Third-Party IT Maintenance Services

Over 20 years of servicing IT systems has earned Commerx a reputation for fast, reliable maintenance services. Cost-effective, personalized maintenance is our hallmark; optimal system performance and availability, our objectives.

Our IT maintenance services are a cut above the competition because we feature:
  • A service representative dedicated to your system
  • Vast inventories of systems and components that eliminate wait times for ordered parts
  •  Operational experience in HP legacy systems. We are a leading provider of custom maintenance solutions for the HP 3000 and HP 9000 installed base in the Golden Horseshoe
  • Established relationships with major global vendors including HP, IBM, Raritan, Cisco, Dell and Panduit. Learn more about our Technology Partners.

Commerx will maximize your return on investment (ROI) by minimizing your system downtime and total cost of ownership (TCO). Our flexible IT maintenance solutions are designed for every budget and need:
  • Customized service plans tailored to your specific IT needs
  • Pre-packaged service levels
  • Mix and match coverage for multiple systems



Commerx Portfolio of IT Maintenance Services

Support Services

Commerx has the expertise to deliver timely, specialized support that complex technologies demand. We offer custom services tailored to client needs, four pre-packaged service levels, and flexible mix and match coverage for separate systems.

Preventative Maintenance

Even the most advanced monitoring software cannot detect the dust accumulation that manual inspections and cleaning detects or prevents. Our preventative maintenance solutions:

  • Provide advance warnings of issues that can lead to costly breakdowns
  • Decrease mean time between equipment failures
  • Lengthen equipment’s lifespan
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
Storage Maintenance

Commerx offers a selection of storage systems – networks, tape libraries and backup devices – and maintenance support for firms of all sizes. We also offer maintenance contracts for diverse storage products.

Server Maintenance

For over two decades, we have earned a reputation as a premiere legacy maintenance provider. Commerx offers exclusive service packs for HP3000, HP9000 and Alpha Server software, as well as hardware-related support. We also customize service levels to system requirements. Our certified HP3000, HP9000 and Alpha Server technicians maximize your uptime too. Our technicians are trained and certified on:

  • All major manufacturers’ servers, including (but not limited to), Intel-based, Compaq, ProLiant, IBM xSeries/IBM Blade Servers and Dell
  • All major software brands including HP-UX, MPE/iX, AIX, Windows, Linux and Digital/VMS
  • All network operating systems
Network Maintenance

With our industry experience, expertise and credentials, we can tailor our certified Network Support services to distinctive client needs. Commerx can maintain all facets of your network to manage wide-ranging, everyday issues like data back-up and restore processes, spam management, wireless connectivity, and internet access and control. Commerx specializes in network support services for:

  • IT departments in large corporate institutions, universities, medical centers and retail establishments
  • Small businesses of 5-150 users
  • Home-based businesses
  • We are also certified in these network products
    • Cisco routers and switches
    • HP ProCurve Network Products
    • Raritan KVM over IP and Power Module over IP
    • Raritan Central Management Appliances for KVM and PDU over IP (Command Center and Power IQ)
    • Network management software and modules such as PCM + from ProCurve and many more
    • Panduit Copper and Fiber Optic Systems as well as numerous other Panduit products
Printer Maintenance

Commerx printer servicing surpasses the competition for several reasons. We waste no time ordering parts from manufacturers because our numerous printers in stock create immediate access to thousands of parts. Our older printers in stock likewise mean immediate sourcing of components for discontinued or older models. And in unforeseen circumstance, we loan to clients (under contract) printers of the same or superior model until the problem is resolved.

To learn more about Commerx Services or our Service Level Plans, please contact us