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Join us for informative seminars and other events to keep you informed and educated about your IT

Thank you for showing interest in our Commerx Events.  Commerx regularly hosts events in and around the GTA and SWO focusing on managed services, hosting services, storage, converged infrastructures, networking, and many more new technology innovations and IT trends. 

To stay in touch with us and to receive invitations to our upcoming events, please fill out the form below.  Please check off the boxes indicating if you would like to be invited to our events, as well as to stay informed on the latest IT Technology News.

Here's a list of some events we are planning for 2015:

  • Star Wars Rogue One - December 19th - London, ON - CLICK HERE to sign up

  • Jan/Feb 2017 - Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Hyper Converged Infrastructure Session

  • HP Discover June 2017 - Ask about securing your spot with the Commerx Team in Vegas to learn about all the newest innovations from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

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