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Support Contract Renewal Management 

One way Commerx has been able to save our clients time and money is by managing all of their hardware and software contract renewals through a single resource at no additional cost.

Our dedicated Contract Renewals Manager will keep all of your support contract information current, send reports out on a quarterly basis, and provide you with ample notice to ensure no contracts go beyond the expiration date.  Here is some additional information on our approach to contract management:

  • Co-termination and consolidation of contracts for ease of management
  • We contact all of the manufacturers on your behalf to develop an annual dashboard of all renewals
  • A very proactive approach to managing all hardware and software support
  • Helping you gain close to 100% accuracy for your renewals over time

If this is a service you feel would be of value to you and your team, please fill out the form below and our Contract Renewals Manager will contact you directly to gather more specific information about your requirements.